Tips for Smooth Vehicle Importation to Canada

The whole activity of importation along with international shipping may seem cumbersome at first, but equipping yourself with the right knowledge and practices can ease the same for you. It is of the utmost necessity to understand how different Canadian procedures can be from other countries. On understanding, the steps will look easy and you will find confidence while proceeding with the same. For your due benefit, below are listed a few tips and tricks that can save you from the last minute hassle and ensure an easy procedure for the same:

Obtaining Canadian Vehicle Insurance

Insurance can benefit you from a lot of many troubles, car damage while in transit being the major one. It is always advised to opt for Canadian Vehicle Insurance. A bit of research from your end is necessary to understand which policy is the best fit for the transit. Opting for a policy that will make sure to cover the vehicle while it is in the country from where you are importing as well as covering it in Canada is helpful. Ensuring that the policy covers the car right from the first day after purchase can also be very wise.

Temporary License Plate

The temporary license plate you are opting to procure must allow you to drive in both the countries, i.e., the present country as well as in Canada. Having this license plate will buy you some more time to complete every other vehicle registration process while you are in Canada.

Know the Provincial Requirements

There are many underlying rules and guidelines for individual provinces. Some of them do not allow registration of right-hand vehicles or salvaged titled vehicles so you must have prior knowledge of these rules. Many provinces also demand prior emission test reports or safety inspection certificates. You need to know what procedures will be required in Canada to complete them as soon as you are buying the vehicle.

Clearance Letters

The lender must provide you with the necessary clearance letters while they are financing the imports. This is the letter that provides permission for the export of the vehicle from the present country to get it imported in Canada. Many of the lenders might be reluctant to provide you with the letter unless you pay them in full.

Clearit car importing removes these bundles of troubles and enlightens you with all the follow-up procedures you need to undergo.