Tips to Enjoy White Elephant Party and Avoid Any Awkward Moments

During the holiday season, the chances are that you would be invited to a white elephant party. It is a fun game where all guests are required to bring gifts that are within a decided amount. All the guests will draw a number and then open gifts in that particular order. The guest will choose a gift and unwrap it to show it to other people. Then, others too can choose to either open a new gift or ‘steal’ a gift that has previously been open. The person’s whose gift is taken by another guest will have the opportunity to unwrap yet another gift. The game is over when all the gifts are unwrapped, and everyone has at least one gift with them. You want to avoid any awkward moments by bringing gifts that are inappropriate or might hurt someone else’s feelings. Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind when going to a white elephant party –

Stay Within Your Budget

If the host has set a price limit for the gifts that guests can bring, it is best to stay within it. Also, you do not have to max out the budget necessarily, but also do not buy gifts that are beyond the limit. Even if you are regifting, it is best to check the retail price first. Even if you are not paying for the gift, others might feel cheap if you do not stick to your budget.

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Purchase Usable Gifts

The best white elephant gifts are always the ones that people will be able to use. You need to make sure that the gift is all-purpose and anyone will be able to use it. Also, try to avoid things that you know that most people will already have. It is best to be generic and think a little outside the box so that everyone will like the gift you bring.

Do Not Bring Alcohol

Even though you can drink at the party, it is best not to bring alcohol as a gift. People will already be able to guess what it is from the packaging. Also, not everyone drinks alcohol, and there might be people who are recovering to alcohol addiction. You do not want to feel awkward and also make other people awkward by bringing alcohol as a gift.

Have Fun

White elephant parties are not just about gifts; they are all about entertainment and having fun. If you happen to get a gag gift, take it sportingly and always a keep a smile on your face. While you may want to get a gift that you like, it is best not to act childish as it can spoil the fun for everyone else too.

There is plenty of online store from where you can purchase gifts for the white elephant party. You can also get some great ideas for gifts that you might not have thought about before. Make sure to check the quality and the online reviews of other customers to make sure they are worth it.