Tips to improve your Air gun shooting accuracy

Held an air gun for the first time? Or simply just want to improve your aim? Well you are in the right place. The weight of the gun, posture, pellet type, trigger sensitivity are some of the many factors that affect your aim. If you have not got your first air gun (assuming you are 18+), Solware will help you get set up with everything you need. Their website lists the brands they offer, and you can call them and ask about stocks as well. Feel free to explore the store if you are in the UK. Let’s take a deep look at mastering the aim.

Aiming your air gun

It is not easy to get your aim right in the first try. The practice is the key. But, before that, it is crucial to study your equipment. If you don’t know what your gun is made of, you cannot get the best out of it. Along with your skills in handling & aiming the gun, make sure that it suits you well.

Know your Rifle

Hold your rifle in your hands. Feel the body, handle, & trigger, and see if that you are comfortable with it. Experts say that holding your gun while eyes closed will let you know where you need to look into. Make sure that your rifle fits you. It should not be too large or too small. You should find the perfect fit. Choosing a heavy model will help you in controlling the recoil.

The art of tuning the Trigger

Finding the right trigger sensitivity is pivotal. A sensitive trigger may throw the pellet away accidentally. Whereas a heavy trigger might take away the crosshairs from the aim while you are pressing it. Again, better aiming needs you to find a rhythm between you and your air gun. Find the right hardness for the trigger, in which you are comfortable.

Scope Mount

Once you have selected your rifle, choosing a scope is important as well. Look at the Solware store to find the available options. Make sure that the scope is placed right. The gap between the scope and eye should be in such a way that there is no strain while aiming. Also, keep the scope at a comfortable eye-level. These adjustments make sure that you won’t have to move while aiming.

Posture or stance is another important factor that will help you while aiming. Once you master these techniques, all you need is practice. And practice does take time, but practice makes perfect. You cannot be pro within a week or a month. Continuous practice will make a difference. It is also suggested to find the pellet that suits your rifle model. Solware can help you with everything you need. Happy shooting!