Which Drinks Will You Like To Enjoy With Steak?

Usually most people prefer to pair steak with red wine, but what other spirits can be paired with steak? Usually spirits have a much higher content of alcohol as compared to wine, which can always tire out your taste buds. Strong spirit flavors also can overpower food, particularly if it is more delicate meat cuts.

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You can also pair a few other drinks with steaks besides red wine.

  1. Beer

Dark beers have the ability of holding their own, when paired with a delicious cut piece of steak. You may like to request glass with little bitterness for helping you to cut down on the richness present in the meat.

In case you order any leaner cut, e.g. the skirt or flank, you will surely do well along with nutty.

  1. Martinis

Martini is one classic cocktail having a palate-cleansing compliment which will never compete with rich steak. Most often martinis are served ice-cold along with olive as garnish.

This kind of drink will never overload the taste buds and can make you enjoy the great flavor of drinks and steak.

  1. Whiskey

Whiskey is another brown spirit having rich caramel notes which pairs well with flavorful cuts of meat. You can select between bourbon and rye, but the popular option will be scotch, which is an especially good choice if you are taking grilled steak, because the smoky notes of your drink will copy the flavor offered by the grill.

  1. White wine

You can always pair white wine with a steak by selecting the right variety. Find any full-bodied white wine, hence it will stand up to your flavor of steak. A Chardonnay that is known as richer wine with little crispness, will work well for cutting through your meat’s flavor.

  1. Non-alcoholic drinks

It is not always necessary to pair only certain alcoholic beverages with the steak. Certainly, there are few non-alcoholic drinks which work well with your steak dinner. Cranberry or pomegranate juices are 2 of the best beverages which can clean the palate and also cut through your heaviness of steak.

In case you don’t like the tart flavor of all these juices, then you can always dilute them with water.