Transitioning Your Home for a New Nanny

There are lots of advice resources on how to hire a nanny from a Boston nanny agency, but one of the aspects that just about everyone should do and doesn’t always get a lot of coverage involves how to prepare your household and family for the addition of a nanny. Fundamentally, a nanny works as a support for your homelife, and employee trained and assigned to help you make your home life easier to manage and take care of. In that regard, the more preparation you take care of ahead of time, the easier the transition will be bringing a new nanny in, both for you and your family as well as the new nanny assigned.

Schedule Expectations

Your schedule expectation, including variations and occasional changes should be anticipated up front as much as possible. That means not just planning a 7 to 5 schedule or similar five days a week. You may need weekend help once in a while, and you may want a date night or evening coverage occasionally as well. If these are things you suspect you will end up asking for later on, build in these expectations right from the start so they don’t end up being a surprise and affect the service relationship with your nanny down the road. There will always be surprises, but the more you eliminate what can be predicted, the smoother your service experience will be.

Special Childcare Needs

Do not assume a nanny will figure out things as they go. A good Boston nanny agency will do its part to cover as many questions as possible for planning. However, if there are special childcare needs that will occasionally or regularly addressed, this should all be spelled out in detail as much as possible. Further, if the special care is particularly technical advanced, keep in mind a nanny may not be the best approach for the care provision, and a better-trained classification may be a more appropriate choice. All of these aspects can be negotiated ahead of time.

Everyone is Human

Your nanny assigned may be an extraordinary performer, but every person needs a break, has holidays, and an occasional vacation from the work schedule to recharge. Anticipate these breaks and work with reasonable expectations on how to address support around them as well. Have a plan when your nanny becomes sick. For example, if it’s winter-time and she gets the flu for a few days, what is your plan B? These things can be resolved easily ahead of time instead of stressing out the night before.

Odds and Ends

Every household has different nuances, requirements, aspects and features, so it’s an extremely smart approach to be as informative as possible with a nanny services when going through the hiring process. Do you have a pet dog or cat? Is the internal home environment typical quiet or very busy? Do the kids enjoy a snake or tarantula they like to bring out to the family room? Is your home very much a social center or more of a seclusion from the outside world and your internal traffic reflects those difference? These might seem like mundane details to cover, but they are very useful for helping a new nanny transition and become an integrated part of your family life faster. Don’t overlook them. Again, a good Boston nanny agency will make a point to ask, but you can always be proactive as well. And by being informative it will ultimately make your home life easier with the new change.