Many people are well aware that during the months when people stay at home due to the impact of COVID-19. Causing more and more people to turn to watching programs on TV or online.

If you take a look at the top ten most popular shows on Netflix, it’s clear that Korean series have always topped the charts. And recently, there was a public poll of Thailand People’s Chart that delved into the behaviour of Thai people with foreign series. Which country do Thai people like to watch the most? It appears that 51% of Thai people like to ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี the most. Especially female if there is a survey during this period the author expects its popularity to grow even more.

Here are the two case studies.

  1. Outstanding TV script

People in the entertainment industry know that “if a good script wins more than half”, the series will be liked by more than 70% of viewers. Able to write scripts for almost every story. The main plots, such as romantic love stories, detective stories, war stories, etc. Are laid out, but inserted secondary plots in everyday life that people are always interested in following.

Korean producers attach great importance to script writing. Korea has a lot of script writers. Come from a variety of professions to enter this industry until making the Korean script develop outstandingly.

The script of the protagonist in the story will give a lot of details, for example, if the protagonist is a doctor Viewers can clearly see the details of the surgeon’s career. Or if the protagonist is a lawyer will see the atmosphere of the court case in detail which is the highlight of the script writing not just saying the protagonist is a doctor but there is not enough detail to make viewers believe that the protagonist plays the role of a doctor.

The plot of many Korean series 

The story goes through the protagonist’s career in depth, such as a lawyer, doctor, policeman, businessman until it’s the main story. There is always a love story line to follow. Insert witty dialogue

But the key charm is that the storytelling through Korean dramas often reflects social inequality. Injustice in all circles human rights violation Social stratification, women’s rights, senior system issues corruption problem or brutal political fraud to conflicts between classes, etc.

The Korean government strongly supports

Thai people probably remember when Dae Jang Geum came to Thailand on Channel 3 throughout the year. 2005 broke the record for the most watched TV series. It has 20 million followers across the country. Just like when it was released in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, there was a flood of viewers.

But Koreans, both public and private, are determined to revive the country’s economic crisis. With the same opinion that must develop the entertainment industry to become an export product and likely to create enormous added value Just like the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Whether it’s movies, music, fashion, etc.

The South Korean Ministry of Culture has invited artists-writers from around the world to attend the seminar with the aim of What kind of plot will be universal and hit people around the world? To find some formula for success Before creating the entertainment industry as an export product It’s like the government does research and lets the private sector go further. The goal is to help each other build the country. It’s a very interesting pairing.