3 Summer Tips for your Pool Maintenance Business

For pool maintenance businesses, the change of seasons comes with a host of many different challenges. Since there’s the frequent use of pools, the summer months are especially a peak season in the pool industry due to the frequent need for maintenance. There is also a high demand for pool installations during spring and summer. Additionally,  with the rising temperatures, people are prompted to finally have that pool they’ve dreamed of. To take advantage of summer sales use of pool management software available from PoolOfficeManager.com along with these three tips to ensure that your business is primed for the coming year.,

Managing Your Technicians

During the summer months, employee productivity takes a slump across the board. But, for pool services businesses, field technicians are particularly prone to overwork, exhaustion, and burnout as temperatures increase. Fortunately, managers can avoid such occurrences by ensuring that technicians are taking frequent breaks. Also, implementing Pool Office Manager Software that needs workers to check-in and out as they complete appointments is an amazing way of monitoring compliance all through the busier summer months. Again, pool service forms allow workers to record data with photos of work done. This provides records for clients in case there’s a concern as to whether the job was completed.  

Charge Based On Demand

Charging more for exceptional services is appropriate under full summer schedules constraint. And this is what customers can expect from top pool companies. Even then, you should charge your clients fairly for pool services provided. Today, most pool companies charge one flat-rate despite the number of chemicals used to avoid confusing clients about the fees of services and to allow for advance billing. Nonetheless, charging a higher flat rate and even charging clients for additional chemicals is extreme, and clients should only pay extra only when special chemicals are used.

Monitor Your Marketing

In the summer season, rather than expend funds on direct marketing campaigns, pool businesses need to prioritize completing their existing projects as best as they can. Focusing on quality control during the summer season instead of investing in outreach will help boost your profit margins as it eliminates a need for call-backs on repair work. Furthermore, satisfied customers are the best means of word-of-mouth marketing. Also, you could prompt them to write positive reviews for your pool company by providing discounts as incentives.

Another great avenue you can experiment on during the summer season is content marketing. That’s because consumers will be in search of information related to pools. The summer season is also the best time for pool maintenance companies to enhance their PR efforts as well as create some valuable media coverage. In the end, the more you use local news sources to engage your community members, the better your chances will be of being the pool company of choice whenever people need pool service solutions later on.

In closing, check your existing practices against the outlined tips above, then implement those that align with your business needs, or at least, make notes for next summer. Fortunately, in most climates, it’s possible for pools to remain open through September and even later. That means your pool business will have more time to put the above tips into action.