How to Use Gamification to Improve Your Online Compliance Training

Did you know that you can make boring, dull, and tedious, online compliance training courses more enjoyable? The thing is gamifying your True Office Learning online compliance training will make it exciting for learners. Here are four tips that you can use to turn your mandatory compliance training programs into motivational and offer memorable gamification experiences.

Offer immediate feedback

Gamifying online courses need to be fun and entertaining. However, their main goal is to offer feedback to your corporate learners on areas they should improve their performance behaviors on. Consider creating a course that’s based on different gaming elements, like points, badges, points, and leaderboards which reward learners for their efforts. This can also be incorporated into your True Office Learning compliance training course itself. You could, for instance, create an online scenario that lets learners know why their selected path is not correct. Then provide links to different eLearning videos and articles that can guide them to the right path.

Focus on practical and relevant goals

To ensure you have a successful gamification strategy, start by focusing on setting attainable and realistic goals that help improve learners’ performance and develop their skill sets. Also, specify these objectives and goals in advance and even highlight the main takeaways beforehand. In doing so, your corporate learners will have the opportunity to focus on core ideas and concepts while enjoying the online compliance training experience. Remember to carefully recheck your online compliance course when doing the final edits to ensure that all elements, every character, or every plot are included. If any of the elements does not meet your goals, then it may be best to omit it.

Identify what motivates your corporate learners

Gamification can only be effective if you’ve identified what motivates your audience. Check to ensure that the type of rewards you pick will appeal to your learners’ inner motivation over external sources. Carry out target customer research to understand what they’d like to learn, why they wish to learn it, and ways you can apply the information to build a memorable and engaging online training course. Compliance might be mandatory, but using an effective gamification approach can make corporate learners participate rather than feel like they’re being forced to take part.

Focus on quality over course completion time

Instead of concentrating on how fast your corporate learners will complete their compliance training course, consider focusing on offering them quality online training experience. Also, keep your online training program as concise as possible to prevent cognitive overload. But, if you have to make it a lot longer to fully explore a topic then don’t hesitate to do so. Note that taking the gamification approach enhances the engagement and excitement factor, which then reduces boredom. Thus, you’ll keep corporate learners focused a little longer and not have to worry about their online training experience getting tiresome and tedious.

Online compliance training courses don’t need to be detested. And in using gamification you will reshape and transform your online compliance course into a memorable online learning experience for corporate learners. This approach might even set the pace for all future online compliance courses.