Do You Have Your Projected Power Usage Figured Out?

Saving Home and Business Owners Energy

Understanding how much electricity being used in a home or business helps the owner save money.But this should not come at the cost of comfort, electricity is a basic need for every household, it allows life to happen. Homes are designed to be powered by electricity and everyone is dependent on it to carry out daily tasks from cooking, heating water for a shower, lighting up the home, turning on the television.

 They cannot function well and aren’t good places to live without electricity. Electricity is like water. It is a fundamental part of life and makes everything possible. It allows everyone to remain connected to family and everything around.Electricity also comes at a cost. Often times this cost is high and expensive, blowing a hole in the budget especially during summer months. 

Most home owners look for ways to cut down their electric bill without disrupting their way of life.

One effective way to ensure a constant electric bill is to use prepaid electricity. Prepaid electricity in Texas is now widespread and preferred option for many people, homeowners and business owners. It works using the pay as you model, where a customer pays for utilities in advance and receives a set amount of energy for use that month.. 

Electricity is connected the same day, does not have a zero down payment and offers free energy in some cases. It offers the users free daily updates regarding the energy use and reminders for their payment schedule. There are no contracts or disconnection fees charged to the users account. Prepaid electricity in Texas is now a popular way of energy use and is also available in other areas of the country.

Fortunately there are other alternatives for those whose areas do not offer prepaid electricity. The first would be to have a basic understanding of how electricity works in order to adjust its use within the home or business.Understanding which appliance consumes the most electricity provides a better way to adjust its usage accordingly. 

Turning off all lights in the home will only help if the appliances that consume electricity are the lights, otherwise the electric bill will remain about the same.It is also important to understand how electricity is charged. In most states, electricity is charged at 1kW for about 0.25 cents plus a flat fee which is the basic service fee.

Appliances are labeled with how much energy they consume in watts. Taking that amount and multiplying it by the estimated amount of hours that appliance will be used , will give the total energy in watts. There are 1000watts in 1kW, converting that number to kW and multiplying it by 0.25 cents will give a good estimate of how much money will be spent on that appliance.

While this can be calculated by hand, it can be rather tedious of a task. Fortunately there are a number of devices that are available and can be used to calculate electric usage of an appliance over a month’s period or however long to give information that allows the home or business owner to make the necessary adjustments to address their electric bill.

Some of these devices are the Energy Vampire Calculator that calculates how much electricity each plugged in device uses and it’s cost per year, P3 kill A Watt EZ plugs into the wall and the appliance plugged into it and gives a reading of the amount of money spent running that appliance for a month.

Energy is a fundamental part of life and doesn’t have to be a painful expense.