Why Work in PR and Tips to Secure Your Dream Job

The PR & communications industry is one of the most competitive and rewarding to choose as a career. Varied and fast paced, there are plenty of different roles within communications, so here are a few ideas of finding the best PR jobs in London to suit you.

  1. Are Qualifications Needed for PR?

One of the great things about working in PR is that there are no set qualifications. Public relations is essentially the ability to help a client promote their business in order to build and maintain relationships, so your people skills are your most important asset alongside any academic achievements. While in the job you can then complete further training with bodies with CIPR or PRCA.

  1. Why Work in London?

Whether you are just starting out or looking to change roles, London is a great place to find your next positon. There are a wide variety of London PR Recruitment Agency representatives looking to help you secure that dream job. A hub of history, culture and with a strong financial sector, there are so many different PR roles on offer in the Capital. There are also plenty of independent businesses looking to evolve with the aid of PR as well as world known companies looking to continue to build their brand.

  1. Financial PR Jobs

Financial PR jobs in London are also an attractive proposition. These roles will usually see you working on capital markets, mergers and other transactions.  Telling these stories to national media and investors. There are so many jobs on offer, from senior analytical positions to assistant roles for those looking for some mentoring as they start out in the industry. With so many financial PR jobs in London, you are bound to find something that is the right fit to progress your career.

  1. How to Choose a Recruitment Agency

Choosing the right recruitment agency for you is an integral part of your online time and attendance software job search. The right recruitment agent will advocate for you with the right companies and push your CV to the best of their ability. A good recruitment agent will keep in close contact with you, update you frequently and help to point you in the right direction of a role you may otherwise have missed. Especially in London where the market is so competitive, these connections between a business and a trusted recruitment agency can be invaluable, so ensuring you find the right recruitment agent for you is an essential step.

  1. Tips to Secure Your Dream PR Job

As much of PR these days takes place online and across social media, make sure all personal accounts are private and that your email is professional. Be open, approachable and willing to learn. Most importantly, connect with a client’s vision and think about how you can help them to grow and evolve.