Everyone at some point in time must have seen some great clicks of the milky waterfalls or have the image of the cotton candy scenes next to the seaside. These all pictures look professional and quite challenging to shoot but the fact is there are some simple tips and tricks that can help too. To shoot the moving water is not so challenging if the tricks of photographing moving water are followed in the right manner. All it takes is to master the technique and find the right spot where the water can be shot.

The right location should be chosen:

The basic thing that is needed for photographing moving water especially if it is the waterfall is to choose the right location. By this it means, the sunlight effect should be right and the location must be accessible too. Often the waterfall is quite challenging to access as oftentimes it is found in the rugged area. That is why choosing the location is the foremost important thing. It is always good to look for the capture of a waterfall to be done from below instead of capturing it from above.

The right format should be chosen:

Whether it is a vertical format or the horizontal format, it needs to be selected well. Both these formats are also popularly known as the portrait and landscape which can work the best for any season shot of the water. However, when it comes to a waterfall, often, it is better to use the portrait option as most of these locations are at a height rather than the breadth would be captured. It is always better to prepare the mind for experimenting with the orientation to get the classic shot.

Selecting the right speed of the shutter:

In order to get the lick of the silky-smooth waterfall, all it takes is the right speed of the shutter that should be done carefully. The variance can be 1/30 and 1/15 of the second which can show the difference between the good and a great shot. At such times the ND gradient can be helpful otherwise polarizing filters can also lessen the light to some extent.

Look for the right tripod:

It is better to choose a good tripod that can help in clicking an amazing water shot especially when the required exposure time is more. This is because of using the small aperture to get the depth of the field for maintaining the sharpness of the whole image.


These are just a few factors that can work but it is important to follow them rightly. The scheme of moving water may seem to be difficult but few factors should be in place. Once all these factors are placed in the right manner then great images can be taken. Only at the initial level, it would be a challenge later the magic can be clearly seen.