The Friendly Paw: A Look At Some P(aw)pular Mexican Dog Breeds

Introduction about Mexican Dogs

Apart from being embraced for its culture, drinks, exquisite meals and beautiful beaches, Mexico is also famous for its Mexican dog breeds. Often referred to as human’s best friend, there are a few Mexican dog breeds that have a rich history and are some of the oldest known breeds in Mexican history. Following is a Mexican dog breeds list containing detailed information on a few majestic dogs from Mexico.

Mexican Dog Breeds List

1. Chamuco

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Highlights: Valiant, confident, protective

The Chamuco who is literally called ‘the devil’ in Spanish is the most ferociously wild and the bravest of all Mexican dog breeds. The fact that they are called the devil shows how intense and fearless this breed is. This legendary canine and the muscular breed has a special place in the Mexican folklore and urban stories but they are slowly becoming rare and extinct now. The Chamuco resembles a lot with the American pit bull but this resemblance is due to the fact that they were bred by crossbreeding the American pit bull and the Mexican bulldog, Staffordshire and pit bull terrier.

Facts about Chamuco

1. Chamuco means ‘Devil’ in Spanish
2. These dogs were developed by crossbreeding seven dog breeds including Mexican street dogs
3. Chamuco can’t be really bought at a pet store as they are sadly used in underground dog fights in Mexico.

Temperament or Behavior of Chamuco

Chamuco surprisingly can be very friendly and loving, despite their ferocious nature, which is the reason they are used in Mexican dog fights. They can be included in all family activities as well if properly trained. This breed of Mexican dogs is smart enough to recognize a stranger’s intention, which makes them one of the best guards and watchdogs in Mexico.

Chamuco’s friendliness with children is even more fascinating. These dogs show affection towards children but one should still take precautions while letting their child play with a Chamuco. All in all, it is a ferociously friendly and loving dog.

2. Chihuahua

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Highlights: Exuberant, beguiling, alert

Chihuahua is indubitably the most cheerful, popular, and iconic breed from Mexico and despite their small and cute size; they do not shy away from bigger dogs or animals. Thus, they are fearless with a unique attitude. These dogs come under the category of small Mexican dog breeds.

A fascinating fact about this Mexican dog breed is that they are available in a wide range of colors like black, brown, chocolate, gold or cream, even a mix. Some Chihuahuas are hairy while some are even hairless. Unlike the Chamuco, Chihuahuas are most commonly found in urban homes and spaces and they make excellent urban pets. They are most comfortable in the lap of their owner.

Facts about Chihuahua

1. Before being named as Chihuahua, these dogs were popularly known as ‘Texas dogs ‘and ‘Arizona dogs’.
2. According to Mexican folklore, Chihuahuas were believed to cure respiratory conditions such as asthma by absorbing ailment from their owner.

Temperament of Chihuahua

This small Mexican dog shows varied temperaments and personalities. Some are loud while some are timid and they are very loyal to their owner which is evident from the fact that they love spending time in their owner’s lap.
Chihuahuas tend to exhibit small dog syndrome. They try to overcome their physical shortfalls due to their small stature by exhibiting aggressive behavior. This is why; you will mostly find Chihuahuas barking most of the time.

3. Xoloitzcuintli

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Highlights: Peaceful, staunch, and alert

Xoloitzcuintli are also known as the Mexican hairless dogs. The Xolos are sharp and intelligent dogs that can run in a distinguished style. They have unique appearances and come in three sizes. Although some may associate hairless dogs with poor health, the Xoloitzcuintli are the most vigorous dog breeds

Facts about Xoloitzcuintli

1. These dogs were considered sacred by the Aztecs and were named after the Aztec god of lightning and death.
2. These dogs date back to over 3500 years.

Xoloitzcuintli Temperament

These dogs love to be friendly with humans and can be very alert at watching over their pack. Since they are extremely vigorous, they need plenty of physical and mental stimulation daily. They are protective in nature and are friendly with children. This is the reason this Mexican dog breed makes such good watchdogs for families.

4. Chinese Crested

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Highlights: Loving, frisky, joyous

These dogs were developed from the Mexican hairless dogs, Mexico’s most ancient breed. These are excellent toy dogs with a warm and big heart. There are arguments that they are from both, Mexico and China. The Chinese crested dogs come in two varieties: powder puff and hairless, of which hairless is the most found and abundant.

Facts about Chinese Crested

1. Winner of the ugliest dog contest 2003, 2004, 2005.
2. These dogs were popular on Chinese ships in the 14th century meant for hunting down rats.

Temperament of Chinese Crested

These dogs are non-aggressive unlike other dogs and can be very friendly, even if you house a cat or other dogs. They are more comfortable at home and avoid going out for walks. They like to do tricks and cuddle. These dogs are sensible and will never leave your side.

5. Calupoh

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Highlights: Nimble, loyal, and flamboyant

This rarest Mexican dog is also known as Mexican wolfdog, developed in the 1990s by crossbreeding dogs and wild wolves. They gave sharp territorial instincts making them a good watchdog. They have also been used as sheepdogs and cattle dogs in Mexico.

These dogs have excellent speeds and have elongated legs with agility similar to the German Shepherds.

Facts about Calupoh

1. A male Calupoh can reach up to 30 inches tall.
2. Breeding these dogs is a difficult task which the Mexicans have been doing since the 16th century.

Temperament of Calupohs

One might think, this breed may be aggressive but surprisingly, they have a calm temperament and are easy to handle. They are sociable and playful with humans and one needs to understand that just because these dogs look like wolves doesn’t mean they will act like them. Another incredible thing about the calupohs is that they can easily co-exist with other dogs or pets in the family. Therefore, these dogs can be really good watchdogs.


Mexican dog breeds are thus popular in the whole world and are as ancient as the Aztec empire. Having these Mexican dog breeds which are amazingly majestic dogs as pets can be really wonderful. Contrary to the luxurious lives of these dogs, the life of a Mexican street dog is far from luxurious as 20,000 stray dogs are captured and killed every month and despite plenty of people being out there to help these dogs, the question is whether it is enough.