People open windows and doors to let fresh natural air enter the rooms however, it is quite annoying when insects and flies enter too creating unhygienic conditions at home and work place. Fortunately, there are many ways to safeguard your premises from their infestation. The best among them is fixing fly screen on windows and doors.

The prime purpose of the screen is to let air flow inside and out of the rooms, but not let insects or flies inside the rooms. They even prevent dust, debris and birds entering into the rooms through doors and windows. You only need to buy the best quality fly screens for doors and windows from reputed sellers like Premier Screens Ltd.

Their superior quality screens are highly sellable in many UK provinces and beyond. You just need to order the required screens providing the right measurements. The screens will be delivered to your address and their skilled staff will fix them neatly without any delay.

Natural remedies to get rid of flies spoiling your home environment-

  • You can make insect repellent at home. The best one among them is using lavender oil. All you need is little lavender oil, a can with a lid and a cloth. You fully dip the cloth in the lavender oil and keep it closed in the tin can for twenty four hours. Once you open the lid you have the effective repellent drive away mosquitoes, flies and insects. You can even use eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint oil instead of lavender oil.
  • Use lemon cloves. All you need to do is cut lemon in half and insert three or four cloves partially in it. Then place the lemons in small plate in the centre of the room. The aromatic smell of lemon and cloves isn’t liked by flies and insects, and thus they will not enter the room.
  • Place plastic bags filled with water at the doors and windows. It is the easiest way to prevent flies entering the room.
  • Make a fly trap with a glass jar and apple cider vinegar. You need to have a glass jar with lid and make few holes on the lid. Then fill the jar with apple cider vinegar. The fragrance of the vinegar escaping from the holes of the jar keeps the flies away.

Here are some of the preventive methods to apply-

  • Keep your trash can sealed. Open thrash can attract flies, insects and even the crawly living beings. Decaying food is favourite meals of theirs, thus best to cover your waste bins.
  • Pet waste should be thrown away in right ways. The waste present even outside the premises attract flies and surely they will reach inside your home.
  • Usage of flypaper everywhere. It greatly helps to trap the flies.
  • Consult pest technician to inspect your place to provide effective pest control solutions.

You can fix top graded fly screens to prevent them entering your rooms even if windows and doors are open.  They are the best and cheapest way to stop flies entering your home all year around.