Don’t Want Pet Insurance? Here Are A Few Reasons That Might Change Your Mind

There are always people out there thinking that insurance is a scam, and if this sounds familiar, it may very well be because you opted into an insurance scheme that you weren’t suited for. While pet insurance can be a bit of an extra cost for pet owners – especially if they own a young and healthy pet – its intention is to provide support for a cost that often destroys family budgets. Going to the vet can be very expensive, and as pet owners are rarely ready for it, it can be a burden, regardless of whether the pet belongs to a family or single owner. It’s not just about these unpleasant surprises, though – in this article, we take a look at why getting pet insurance should be higher on your to-do list.

Pet insurance is about prioritising your animal

If you balk at the price of pet insurance, do keep in mind that the best pet insurance is designed to cater to unexpected circumstances that might arise with an animal, and pets are creatures full of unexpected surprises. Do keep in mind that in the event your pet develops an issue before you sign up for insurance, this particular issue will likely not be included in your cover, even if it is a persistent one that they experience for the rest of their lives, meaning you’ll be paying out of pocket for it indefinitely. This is even discounting the worst case scenario, wherein you might suffer the tragic loss of a pet due to entirely avoidable circumstances, and this is certainly a case where money can’t come to the rescue. This is admittedly an extreme case, but it is absolutely plausible for a cat to get scratched fighting feral neighbourhood cats, or for your curious puppy to eat something they’re not supposed to (this is an especially likely scenario). And although these will not be life threatening situations, than can often cost an arm and a leg to remedy.

How to budget for your pet insurance

If you think that you can’t afford pet insurance, you’re dead wrong – pet insurance can fit snugly into any budget, as you don’t always have to go for the top shelf insurance if you know you can’t afford it. Quite a few pet insurers now actually allow for their customers to get insurance through weekly payments, which means you won’t be caught off guard during a particularly hectic bills month. Depending on the premium you opt for, pet insurance can contribute up to 80% of the cost of eligible veterinary bills, which can provide massive relief for a family on a strict budget, particularly when the bill is for thousands.

Look into pet insurance today

Rather than consider pet insurance as another unnecessary cost you can ignore, consider it as a way to simply and easily tackle any issues that will likely inevitably happen to your pet. Animals do not live anywhere near as long as humans, so cats and dogs can develop health-related issues a lot quicker than you might think. Although looking after the (occasionally extensive) needs of your pet is the biggest priority here, people unprepared for massive pet bills are also capable of benefitting from the small amount each week that pet insurance costs.